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Free Video Training For Authors

Learn How To Launch A Bestselling Book

In these three short training videos: I'll show you my personal book launch strategy which I used to distribute over 2 million books in the past 3 years.

Through this formula I've hit the #1 bestseller lists in non fiction and religion in multiple countries on Amazon.com. And have been ranked among the top 50 highest selling authors globally, both in published and self published.

Learn how to launch a bestseller for yourself -the right way. 

P.S. There is a free book on rapid email list building waiting for you on the otherside of that green button. Also I will personally help you with your career -right now- with my unlimited free help policy. Lastly I'll let you in the free mastermind facebook author community, where I and other authors will support you on your journey.

In These Three Short Training Videos You Will Learn


Marketing your book doesn’t have to be hard. It's your fans who put you in business and the more fans you have the more secure your career will be. And they are the #1 way to guarantee that you can launch bestseller after bestseller.  




In this video I'll teach you the 2 super simple concepts that helped me sell over 2 million books. If you don't understand these your career as an author will stagnate or fall flat. I'll also show you how to convert more sales to make the most of your book launches


In this final video I'll teach you step by step EXACTLY how to launch your book to be a bestseller, and where to market your book on launch day. Lastly I'll show you how you can guarantee that you'll scale your career up to full time and beyond. 

Who is Adam Houge?

Adam is a #1 internationally bestselling of over 100 books on the Christian faith. He has hit the top of the religious charts in both the United Kingdom and the United States during his launches, and has consistently outsold his competitors (such as Joel Osteen, Alex Kendrick, and Max Lucado) on Amazon.com. 

Adam has also written numerous other titles in many various genres under his pen names, ranging from scifi to romance. Over the past 3 years he has distributed more than 2,000,000 copies of his books globally through his paid and free launch strategies. Now he wants to teach you how to do the same. Watch his free video training to learn how he did it! 

Here Are A Few Of My Launches

Here is an example of my author rank hitting the top 50 in all authors on Amazon after a launch (At this time I was ranked above JK Rowling, Stephen King, etc. Which means that I was outselling them.)

My book "The 7 Most Powerful Prayers" is in the #2 spot. Heaven is for real was on the New York Times experiencing a tremendous burst of sales from their $101,000,000 grossing movie. And yet I was outselling them.

Here that same book is outselling Lee Child's Jack Reacher series. You can't see it in this picture but it was catching up to John Grisham.

In this final example my fiction book is in the #5 spot which I launched past War Room. War Room was on the New York Times and experiencing a tremendous lift during their $74,000,000 grossing block buster movie.

Want to Launch a Bestseller Like Me? Come Learn How for Free!